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Again welcome to where you will find just that - the sexiest people in prison online! A few highlights about the company: Started in 2008 to create a platform that would establish increased communications between incarcerated individuals and the outside world. Has serveral participating imates from multiple facilities in multiple states Reward our participating inmates with promotional offers and prizes Boosts the moral for the inmates while threy are serving time Respondents can have their address remain anonymous by using our service to both send and receive mail for each or multiple inmates. A little bit about Me (Jay-R): I am currently incarcerated at the Warwick Correctional Facility in New York My personal reasons for creating this site was to allow my fellow prisoners to engage in positive communication with new people interested in the lives of inmates on the outside. As a unisex site I encourage both males and females to visit and connect with the hottest inmates online who are ready to talk to someone like you. As you will see, there are many stories behind these walls and are waiting to be shared with you from this site. From me to you, enjoy using this site and may the best come from your experiences at


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